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The Truth Behind the Ole Miss Football NCAA Investigation

 Flim Flam (borrowed from the famous Ole Miss “Hotty Toddy” cheer) is a real life David and Goliath story where Steve Robertson, a Mississippi State football recruiting writer, finds himself in the middle of the biggest NCAA scandal college football has seen in a generation and likely the most flagrant instance of infractions since the SMU death penalty case. The circumstances surrounding this case are epic.  


Flim Flam exposes the ugly side of recruiting and is a testament to the current climate of illegal recruiting. It is a thought-provoking, down-and-dirty account of the reward of hard investigative journalism. The book is reality-based with no embellishment of truth. The writing style will include frequent down-home phrases, and raw language of the football world. Illustrations, including individual, family, and archival photographs, will be included to add dimension to Robertson’s story. 

Flim Flam was the number one bestselling book in Mississippi for seven weeks.